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Driveway & Block Paving Sealing Services

Once you have had your driveway or patio professionally cleaned, it is worthwhile considering having the area treated with a sealant.

A comparison of block paving before and after sealing is shown in the pictures to the left. There are a variety of sealants available and we will recommend the most suitable for your driveway or patio, chosen on the basis of economy and the wear characteristics needed in the expected use of the surface being treated.

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Before and after tarmac treatment.

This 50/50 picture gives a direct comparison of the surface, before and after treatment. A range of colours are available for the tarmac renovation so customers can choose their preference.  The examples shown are of the black most frequently used form of tarmac. To achieve an excellent result we carry out minor repairs before applying the renovator.

Over time through wear and tear the tarmac surfaces can tend to break up a little. With our winter climate in the UK the freeze thaw cycle damages the binding agent, allowing the aggregate to break away and create small holes and craters. The picture sequence below shows how such a defect has been repaired to ensure that an overall even surface is obtained after the renovator is applied.

Tarmac Treatment