Established 1998

Gutter Clearing & Unblocking

This method of Gutter Clearing has revolutionised the cleaning industry as the benefits outweigh other gutter cleaning methods.

We are the only company on the Island who can offer this service.

We have the  latest system offering the very best in technology.

Reaches Heights Up To 52 Feet / 5 Floors

Unblock Downpipes Up to 52 Feet with Our High Level Jetting System

Eliminates the Use of Ladders & Cherry Pickers On 95% of Buildings

Operators Work safely from the ground

Reaches Previously Inaccessible Areas

Maintains Privacy & Reduced Disturbances

Health & Safety Compliant

Gutter Vacuum

System reaches heights of 52 feet 4-5 floors; our system removes all debris from gutters including Sludge, Grass, Twigs, Leaves, and Balls etc. Considerable savings can be made to the alternative methods – Cherry Pickers, Hoist / scaffold towers

CCTV Camera Surveys

Can view and record guttering, But can also be used for inspecting anything up to 52 feet, DVD footage available at request

Clear Blocked Downpipes

With our high level jetting system up to 52 feet / 5 floors

Scheduled Maintenance Service

In addition to clearing blocked gutters, Gutter Vacuuming is a preventative maintenance service. It is recommended that property owners should clean out gutters annually to prevent blockages, backing up and subsequent expensive damage to the property.

Keep Your Home In Shape For Insurance Sake.

Many property owners might not be aware that insurance companies may decline to pay claims for poorly maintained gutters

Our operators are uniformed for instant recognition

Gutter Vacuum service offers a professional, quick and courteous service. The service easily unblocks high rise guttering and is fully insured and guaranteed.

The Omni-vac system we use is the original system used in the HSE working at height video footage; the manufactures designed the system to comply with all health & safety regulations. There are also no Health and Safety risks impeding its use in any way, making it, by far, the safest and most cost effective clearing & cleaning method with excellent results.

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